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Our Mission

At Port City Partners, our mission is to develop sustainable properties that inspire, revitalize and fit within the fabric of our historic community where we live, work, and play. We prioritize development of historical buildings in a way that preserves their character while enhancing their role in the community through multi-use design. Through our activities in development, investment, and collaboration with the community, we hope to build a better future for Brunswick and the region as a whole.

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Company history

Founded in 2019, our firm builds on decades of experience in commercial real estate investment, development, and property management.

Our projects in Brunswick include new construction, strategic Federal Opportunity Zone investment, historic tax credit deals, and philanthropically-minded growth.

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We see our tenant and neighbor relationships as our most valued exchange. We remain connected to the pulse of the city. Our property management, investment, and development strategy depends upon an open and transparent dialogue between ourselves and the community.



Harrison Bradford Piazza
Founder & CEO


Elizabeth Piazza
Creative Director


Adrian Farina
Development Analyst
& Property Manager

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Ben Fendig
Venue Manager


Port City Partners envisions a future where businesses and residents of the local community can thrive. We aim to make historic, multi-use developments a central part of the local economic and cultural scene, raising the appeal of the area to attract more businesses, residents, visitors, and investors. Whether by holding a public concert in a park or breaking ground on a new development for residents to live closer to the heart of the city, our goal is to make each project push our community towards a better, more brilliant future.

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